Client Services

Alliance Asset Management makes a commitment to its clients to promote sustainable properties, provide residents with quality services, and ensure the organization maintains compliance with all federal regulations.

Alliance Asset Management brings first-hand experience in managing a diverse range of properties such as LEED certified buildings, historic buildings, and new properties. Alliance Asset Management helps clients to commission new buildings and systems, repair and rebuild ageing properties, and navigate sub-contractor relations.

Our services include:

  • Enhanced business plans
  • Annual operating and capital maintenance budgets
  • General contracting and construction management services
  • Replacement reserve analysis
  • Annual audit preparation and coordination
  • Comprehensive financial operating
  • Customized lender, investor, or regulatory reports
  • Preventative and capital maintenance planning
  • Insurance review and risk mitigation

Alliance Asset Management portfolios are managed in-house. By not outsourcing clients’ portfolios and overseeing all management, finance, and maintenance, Alliance Asset Management understands clients’ complex challenges.

The compliance department is experienced in Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), HOME, HUD, Section 8, Project Based Vouchers, Bond, Fair Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers.

Compliance department available services include:

  • On site file audits of current resident files with a comprehensive report on all outstanding items or notes
  • Remote applicant file review with audit report to explain all items needed and any outstanding issues from application to approval or denial, files can be sent anywhere along the process for this review
  • Reminders, review and assistance on submission of all reporting due for each project
  • Pre-PMR on site review with staff to include resident files, move out files, denied files and required documentation
  • On-site training on a regular basis to review items that are an issue and new changes that have been brought up in your programs
  • Availability via phone or email to discuss questions or concerns
  • Review and update of all current documentation (lease, addendums, verifications, Selection Plan, etc.) used to make sure that everything is correct and up to date

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